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Calibration - Many dynamometers (dyno for short) can lose accuracy and repeatability as the onboard sensors deteriorate. Performing a thorough calibration can renew a dyno’s accuracy and repeatability. Our technicians will arrive onsite and calibrate your entire dynamometer system so that it properly corrects to the SAE J1349 or older (and traditionally 3% higher) J607 Standards. In addition to an atmospheric sensor calibration, the system will be calibrated for RPM, torque, flows, pressures, and other input data channels. Onsite calibration takes approximately 4 hours and a certificate of accuracy from DynoHelp LLC is generated upon completion.

Training - Most manufacturers offer some form of onsite training. Even with this type of feature exposure training, getting good results from your dynamometer takes patience and practice. Often it is difficult in achieving repeatability within 0.5%. It is possible to achieve results within less than 0.1% but it requires a high degree of skill and often years of experience. If you want these kinds of results our staff will provide operational training in addition to the factory training.